Project Development Services

A New Suite of Services for GTH-GA

First introduced in Winter 2017, GTH-GA now offers project development services as an additional means of assisting our clients to advance important local projects from vision to reality. Project development services encompass all activities that help local governments and nonprofit organizations best position a capital, transportation or operational project to secure funding from state, federal, or private sources.

Depending on a client’s needs, these services typically involve:

Project Framing

  • Defining the need for a project.
  • Assessing project feasibility - estimated costs, funding gaps, local support.
  • Determining and articulating the project vision, scope, and objectives.

Funding Strategies

  • Researching potential public and private sources of grants and financing.
  • Recommending fund sources based on relevance to a project.
  • Establishing a strategy for securing the desired funding - requirements, tasks, timelines, and responsible parties.

Grant Writing

  • Drafting applications and proposals to submit to potential funders.
  • Reviewing, editing, and monitoring progress of client-drafted proposals.
  • Facilitating communications between the client and potential funders.
  • Tracking progress of submitted applications.

Project Management

  • Assisting clients with post-award contracting and reporting responsibilities.

GTH-GA developed this new line of service because over time, our lobbyists observed that it had become increasingly challenging for community projects to successfully compete for state capital funds. Before appropriating funding to local projects, legislative budget writers now expect local sponsors to have secured additional funding partners, exhausted all competitive grant opportunities, considered alternative financing mechanisms, and more. The wide-ranging and substantial demands of running a local government or a nonprofit organization means that many of our clients lack the bandwidth and expertise to meet these expectations.

Recognizing this, GTH-GA hired Meg Van Schoorl as our initial Director of Project Development. Meg’s experience as Senior Staff Coordinator for the House of Representatives Capital Budget Committee and as a state executive branch director of infrastructure, community and economic development programs enable her to help our clients successfully navigate the complex environment of project framing, funding, and grant writing.