Smith Alling Lane at National Conference of State Legislatures in Nashville

August 16th-19th 2006, Smith Alling Lane, a leading lobbying firm from Washington State, participated in the National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  State legislators around the nation attended the conference to learn about upcoming legislation.  All ten of Smith Alling Lane’s Governmental Affairs professionals attended the event to share public safety technology solutions with legislators.

Smith Alling Lane hosted a booth featuring eight of the firm’s 30 clients, including Applied Biosystems, Orchid Cellmark, Prepared Response, Sagem Morpho, Motorola and others.  Smith Alling Lane’s booth is quickly becoming one of the most visited booths at the conference.  More than 500 legislators and staff visited the booth, where clients demonstrated DNA databasing, victim notification systems, emergency response mapping technology, interoperability communication for law enforcement, bullet tracing technology and other public safety technology.  They also enjoyed video games, a putting green and a chance to win iPods, Bluetooth headsets and other prizes

Additionally, Smith Alling Lane hosted a series of events, including a luncheon for legislators to learn new methods to combat meth manufacturing, and a Motorola reception for Nashville legislators.  Smith Alling Lane also joined fellow Washington State lobbyists to host Washington's 'State Night', with more than 45 attendees. 

Smith Alling Lane plans to continue participating in the conference as it travels to Boston, Massachusetts in 2007.


Clients prepared their displays before legislators arrived at the conference.

Smith Alling Lane walks some legislators through the client booths at NCSL as other legislators and legislative staff see for themselves.

Another view of SAL clients at the Smith Alling Lane booth at the NCSL exhibition hall.

A small view of Smith Alling Lane’s friends and partners at the Nashville conference.

A view of SAL clients at the Smith Alling Lane booth at the NCSL exhibition hall.

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